Buried treasure

Every now and then, when I’m meant to be doing something completely different, I uncover interesting space things online. I’ve decided to start this “buried treasure” set of blog posts to share some of those things with you. (Also, I hope that it will encourage me to keep this site updated a bit more often!)

Just last week, as I was delving into the internet with regards to Apollo 16 since I’m off to see Charlie Duke this weekend (you can too!), I came across this incredible photograph. Isn’t it special?

It’s a pre-landing photo of the Command Service Module from the Lunar Module and with the lunar surface in the background. Just stunning.

Pre-landing photo of the Command Service Module from the Lunar Module

Image: NASA

A little more noodling around online and I’ve also found this fantastic image of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module Orion after undocking and separation. The image was scanned by Kipp Teague.

Apollo 16 Lunar Lander

Image: NASA

Sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted. Looking at these photos makes me feel alive, excited, and ready to explore. Time for a woman on the Moon I reckon. Could it be me? (Please!)

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