Letter to a Commander

Commander Chris Hadfield

In just less than 30 minutes time Colonel Chris Hadfield will handover the reins of the ISS to Russian Cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov. In honour of his time as the first Canadian ISS Commander, I wrote a few lines. In about 24 hours time Chris will be leaving the space station and heading home in a trusty Soyuz capsule. I will be watching with my heart in my mouth wishing him the softest Soyuz landing ever.

Letter to a Commander

I love to look up at the sky and think of you, to know you’re up there.

I love that you enjoy every moment of life on the ISS and you share it passionately.

I love that in the serious moments before sending your crewmates out into the void of space, your skill, professionalism and humour all shine through.

I love that you love the experience of space as much as I ever dream that I would.

I love your photos, your insight, your special roly-polys.

I love that you got to be the first Canadian Commander.

I love that you’re the commander of a real-life spaceship, and yet you’re one of the most down to Earth guys I’ve ever met.

I’m proud and honoured that you’re my friend Chris.

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