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Filling the gaps in the UK space sector

February 29, 2024

I often hear hiring managers complaining that there aren’t enough software developers, or people with the skillsets they are looking for, and this is certainly the case in the space sector. The UK Space Agency has now launched some new funding for training programmes they hope will address the needs of the sector and encourage […]

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Astrobotic: Peregrine Mission 1

January 21, 2024

Astrobotic is an American commercial space company with its headquarters in Pittsburgh. It was originally formed to compete in the Google Lunar X-Prize (GLXP) – an international competition to send a commercial lander to the Moon, land, deploy a rover that could drive 500m and send high-quality video back from the Moon. The competition officially […]

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2024 blasts off in style

January 21, 2024

What an exciting start to 2024 we’ve had! The maiden flight of ULA’s Vulcan-Centaur rocket, an American commercial company launching its first mission, delays to the Artemis programme, a commercial crew heading to the space station, and now Japan has become the fifth nation to soft-land on the Moon. It’s a lot to get your […]

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Mission Update: SpaceKate at 40

September 25, 2020

Ten years ago – just as I was turning 30 – I decided that I wanted to get to space, and I set myself the challenge of doing so before I was 40. At the time, there was huge excitement about the dawn of commercial spaceflight, companies like Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, XCOR and Blue Origin […]

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