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The Lynx Effect?

Published on July 14, 2013 By SpaceKate

Lynx adverts show their products as having the power to mesmerise and enchant the ladies, instantly drawing them like moths to a flame. They call this “The Lynx Effect”. Today, I confess, I have perhaps been caught under its spell myself. I’ve spent the day completely absorbed by the idea that the Lynx Space Academy […]

Hey Lynx Apollo! Women are astronauts too

Published on January 28, 2013 By SpaceKate

If you know me, you probably know how much I want to go to space, so of course I was excited to hear of a competition that might enable that dream to come true. Indeed I was. I signed up to the Lynx/Axe Space Academy as soon as I could, before it hit the mainstream […]

Send SpaceKate to space!

Published on January 18, 2013 By SpaceKate

Just 10 seconds is all it would take for you to help me get one step closer to space. There’s a competition running at the moment and eventually 22 people from around the world will get sent on a sub-orbital space flight. One of them will be from the UK – I need your help […]