Face in space

Well, okay, so it is not quite the same as getting all of me into space, but I was alerted to the existence of NASA’s “Face in Space” initiative. This allows you to upload a photograph of yourself that will then go up with the next shuttle and once it’s flown you can print off a certificate to prove your face went into space.

Given that the US shuttle programme is due to come to an end in 2011, you should get in fast while there are still confirmed launches. I’m especially excited to have added my face to the STS-133 mission as I’ve been lucky enough to be picked for the NASA Tweet-up for that launch. This basically means that I will be surrounded by 149 other space/Twitter enthusiasts, watching the launch from the closest you’re allowed to get – 3.1 miles! I’m hugely excited about the prospect and will no doubt blog about it further soon enough.

For now though – go and get your face in space! Get your picture ready and click here! (With thanks to Jason Smith who tweeted me @SpaceKate about this!)

Put your Face in Space!

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