How to get into space

Right then, this is real, so instead of just wildly claiming that I want to get up into space, I have to start having a look at what the options are. This is all going to be a learning process, as I go along I aim to learn a lot more about each of these “options”, and if I’ve missed some off (which I inevitably have) then please do let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Ways to get into space:

- US Shuttle

- Russian Soyuz

- Chinese Shenzhou Rocket

- Commercial spaceflight companies

- Befriend the Danish duo who want to go into space

- Tourist flights – E.g. Virgin Galactic

I’ll get on the case and write a list of pros and cons for each of these soon, and try and find out the average price for each method, then I have to start thinking about how I get myself onto any of my chosen forms of space transport. The adventure begins…


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