Send SpaceKate to space!

First proper UK astronaut to fly in space?

Just 10 seconds is all it would take for you to help me get one step closer to space. There’s a competition running at the moment and eventually 22 people from around the world will get sent on a sub-orbital space flight. One of them will be from the UK – I need your help to make sure that’s me.


Maybe you follow my blog and you know how much this means to me, maybe I cleared your pavement of snow this morning, maybe you just stumbled across this post and you’re feeling generous – whatever the reason you got here, it would mean the world to me if you voted, and passed it on. There’s stiff competition, but surely someone known as @SpaceKate has to be in with a chance?

There’s a lot of fluff and nonsense about “Leave a man, return a hero” – if it takes a sex change I’ll do it – just get me to space! I’ll be writing in more detail about why I think the competition tagline/images are somewhat disappointing in a age when we really need to encourage more people, and that means more WOMEN, into science, technology, engineering and maths study.

For now though, just make my day – VOTE!

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