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Recipe for a rocket

Published on February 7, 2011 By SpaceKate

  It is rocket science, but I’m trying to make it a bit easier to understand (for my own sake as well as yours!) Here’s my attempt to boil it down to the basics with a handy recipe for a rocket. Ingredients: 1x Newton’s 3rd Law (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) 1x Container 1x Nozzle […]

Beginners' Guide to Rocket Science

Published on February 2, 2011 By SpaceKate

Ever wondered if the shuttle could go to the moon? Too scared to ask what a rocket actually is? Have no fear,Space Kate is here with a handy little podcast about rocket science. Impress your friends by learning and reciting rocket scientist Nathan Bergey‘s answers to my questions about rockets, getting to the moon, and whether science […]

Understanding Space: Where do I start?

Published on February 1, 2011 By SpaceKate

Spaceflight is cool and exciting, but I’ll admit it, I’m new to all this stuff. I’ve been hanging out with some of the most well informed, well connected and knowledgable people and I’m learning a lot from them, but sometimes I’m scared to ask basic questions because I feel like I’ll come across as stupid. […]