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Amazing Encounters – Apollo 13′s Fred Haise

Published on November 6, 2014 By SpaceKate

You’ve seen the film, you know the dramatic story, but meeting one of the members of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission is something else. Ken Willoughby and the Space Lectures team secured Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise as their guest of honour in Pontefract for the final weekend of October. We all came […]

SpaceNomad is back

Published on April 6, 2011 By SpaceKate

Well, you didn’t ever think that I would miss the final shuttle launch did you? The pull was too strong, I raided my piggy banks, took a deep breath and booked myself a London – Orlando plane ticket, and here I am. I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back and I’m […]

My first shuttle launch – there are no words

Published on March 13, 2011 By SpaceKate

  Yesterday I watched shuttle Discovery land for the final time, and I realised that I’ve not yet posted a piece here about the launch. I wrote a piece for the National Geographic Assignment Blog, but it wasn’t all that easy to do. How could I find words to explain launch day? I’m still struggling if […]

How to photograph a shuttle launch

Published on February 24, 2011 By SpaceKate

It’s launch day! Today! After one hell of an adventure (I promise I’ll explain more later) the #spacenomad is back in Florida and if all goes to plan, Diva Discovery will launch from KSC this afternoon at 4.50pm EST. I managed to catch Bill Ingalls, one of NASA’s official photographers who will be capturing fantastic […]