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Three years since STS-133

Published on February 24, 2014 By SpaceKate

Three years ago today, I saw something magnificent, something awe-inspiring, something powerful, something scary, something that made me shake (in more ways than one), something historical, and something I’d waited 115 days for. Space Shuttle Discovery launched from pad 39A, Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral, for the very last time. It was an emotional experience, […]

My first shuttle launch – there are no words

Published on March 13, 2011 By SpaceKate

  Yesterday I watched shuttle Discovery land for the final time, and I realised that I’ve not yet posted a piece here about the launch. I wrote a piece for the National Geographic Assignment Blog, but it wasn’t all that easy to do. How could I find words to explain launch day? I’m still struggling if […]

STS-133 rollercoaster continues

Published on January 19, 2011 By SpaceKate

  “I would say that the space shuttle is an American icon and it represents the best that America has to offer…  …every time I’ve been able to spend time around the space shuttle and the people that have built it and maintained it and worked with it and trained us on it it’s just […]

NASATweetUp: A slight delay

Published on October 30, 2010 By SpaceKate

I was greeted at Orlando Airport by fellow tweet-up attendees Danny Sussman and Leslie Berg – and what a nice thing to have a landing party when you step off a long haul flight. This is it – I’m here. Hello Florida! My flight was slightly delayed, so I was entirely confused when Danny started asking […]